Can you speak emoji? Take the quiz

Louis Dor
Sunday 16 August 2015 13:00
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Whether it’s becoming the subject of Hollywood films or replacing acronyms in Instagram posts, emojis seem to be taking over the world.

It is now the UK’s fastest growing language and an online translation company has tested whether or not the emoticons are truly universal.

One Hour Translation asked translators of 11 different languages what they thought different combinations of emojis meant.

There were a wide range of answers, demonstrating that some symbols were not simply universal, or at least easily misunderstood.

We've used some of the emoji questions and definitions to test your knowledge.

We've also kept some of translator's funnier answers, posted below the quiz.

So how well do you translate emoji? Take the quiz below:

¯_(ツ)_/ ¯

Q1. "Bicep implants" was an answer by a French Canadian translator, "Smelly armpits" by an Arabic translator.

Q2. "Look, there they go!" was an answer by Hindi translators, "You stink!" was by an Arabic translator.

Q3. German translators read this as "To be out all night is great, but sleeping is better", whereas Spanish translators saw this as "When the moon is out it's time to catch some zzz's."

Q4. Arabic translators saw this as saying "No way! shocked"

Q7. A French translator thought this was "Bring any girl to a dance club and she turns into a party animal."

Q9. A French-Canadian translator interpreted this as "My job as a caddie involves racing around all day for two golfers, but one day it's going to be my turn!". Meanwhile a Hindi translator saw it as "Hard work and discipline are the key to success in life."

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