Sexy robots are duping people on Tinder at SXSW

The potential pitfalls of Tinder are legion, but now we can add a new one: falling for robots promoting their new film.

Pornbots urging you to swipe right, aren't exactly new, but this is something different, and first encountered by people at the South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

As AdWeek reports, their friend, known only as Brock, matched with a 25-year-old named Ava, who didn't give much away on her profile.

Their conversation started off pleasantly enough.

Before getting quite serious.

Veering back and forth.

And ending with a cryptic final message.

As Brock found out, that Instagram page is for the movie Ex Machina, the Alex Garland film that just so happened to be having its premiere at SXSW.

'Ava', whose profile pic is actually Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, turned out to be nothing more than an advert, leaving Brock "crestfallen".

"It toyed with my emotions so hard," he said.

Source: AdWeek

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