The pictures that Instagram didn't ban

This week Instagram has been in the news for banning images featuring, alternatively, nipples and a woman menstruating.

Rupi Kaur's image from a period-themed photo series was removed on the site twice for violating community standards. Ms Kaur then challenged the removal and Instagram apologised.

The social network also maintains a high-profile ban on images featuring female nipples, and the campaign to #freethenipple, started by actresses Lina Esco and Rumer Willis has now gone viral in Iceland.

Beyond female bodies, however, there are lots of images that Instagram doesn't find quite so problematic, such as:

1. Anything taken by the Syrian presidency

It's thought more than 210,000 have died while three million people have left the country after four years of civil war in Syria. But you wouldn't know by looking at the Assads' Instagram account.

2. Or images taken by Assad's fellow dictator Ramzan Kadyrov

The Chechnya dictator's Instagram account is a hit.

3. This man who gave a shout out to himself 'for being rich'

4. And his fellow rich kids of Instagram

5. Posts by Dan Bilzerian

6. Fire selfies

7. Funeral pics

8. Anyone using the hashtag #gunsdaily

9. Posts featuring this quote:

10. Or this one

11. Any finally, any picture taken with a selfie stick

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