Guess what the Republican debate's wifi password was. Go on, guess. OK it was StopHillary

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Wednesday 11 November 2015 12:10
Science and Tech

The fourth debate to help decide the 2016 Republican presidential candidate was held in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening.

The public and reporters alike are already somewhat jaded at the prospect of what is likely to be a brutal and lengthy primary.

But at least GOP staffers are keeping their spirits up.

Several pundits and candidate campaign staff arriving at the press room last night were amused to find the log in details for the building's wifi included the password 'StopHillary'.

The Republican National Congress gave itself a round of applause for making scores of journalists type the words into their devices, like a digital prayer.

The Democratic frontrunner herself was mentioned no fewer than 25 times during the underdog and main debates, mainly in connection to criticism of her economic policies.

Clinton seemed pretty nonplussed by the whole debacle, though.

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