People think that pets can see Pokémon Go in real life - and there's a lot of evidence

Louis Dor
Tuesday 26 July 2016 12:30
Science and Tech

It's the middle of your night and your dog has just started going ballistic like there's an axe-murderer just outside.

It's not a burglar, it's that he knows that a Charizard just spawned down the road and he wants you to be the very best.

At least, this is the theory, and it has been backed up by some serious photographic evidence.

Now, some of your disbelievers will say these are framed or staged and taken at the appropriate moment.

You are wrong, and we don't need your 'logic' or 'proof'.

What we know is what the pets know.

That greatness never sleeps, and neither do Pokémon masters.

If you do not catch 'em all, you will not have enough gym badges to control Fido, and he will desert you.

No pressure.

HT boredpanda

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