These are the countries where people use the internet most

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Wednesday 03 December 2014 11:00
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These are the countries with the most devoted internet users, according to a new survey of 10,000 people from consulting firm AT Kearney.

Sorted by the percentage of respondents who said they were online all day long (e.g for every waking hour) here are the biggest internet addicts.

1. Brazil

2. Nigeria

3. South Africa

4. Russia

5. India

6. US

7. UK

8. Germany

9. China

10. Japan

According to ATKearney, those continuously connected to the internet tended to be younger and unmarried.

They found four main motivations for going online: Connecting with family and friends, expressing opinions, exploring new subjects and increasing convenience. Accordingly, time spent online was mostly spent on social networks in all ten countries.

The survey was conducted in 10 countries with 10,000 respondents, who were distributed evenly. AT Kearney chose nine of the top 10 countries known to use the internet most, excluding France but adding South Africa, and the research was conducted in July 2014.

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