These gifs of the human body are slightly gory, slightly wonderful

Dina Rickman@dinarickman
Tuesday 13 January 2015 17:00
Science and Tech

These slightly gruesome gifs are all from the world's first "superfast" Revolution CT scanner, which is currently at Florida's West Kendall Baptist hospital.

The CT scanner (which is basically just a big X-ray machine which lets doctors see what is going on in your body) allows doctors to obtain clearer images of patients' organs in action.

West Kendall Baptist hospital is currently trialling the technology and while it is not yet known if it will save lives, it definitely produces incredible gifs - as these highlighted by GE show. Here is a selection of the images obtained by the machine.

The skull and the Circle of Willis.

An image of the human heart with stents.

A foot reinforced with screws.
The abdomen and the aorta.
A high-definition musculoskeletal image of a foot and ankle reinforced with plates and screws.
A high-definition image of the skull and the Circle of Willis.

Image source: GE

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