This is what happens when you actually respond to spam emails

Bethan McKernan@mck_beth
Sunday 14 February 2016 15:30
Science and Tech

Ever wonder what would happen if you did take up that Nigerian prince's emailed offer of marriage?

Well comedian James Veitch decided to start replying to the phishing scams clogging up his inbox, and lucky for us, the resulting exchange is hilarious.

Solomon Oddenkoh emailed Veitch out of the blue to ask if he wanted to get in on a "business opportunity" - namely, a gold-import business.

He proposed starting out small by sending Veitch 25kg ($2.5m) of gold to sell on. As you do.

Veitch says that they need to think bigger, and goes on to shower his prospective business partner with, umm, more helpful ideas:

Codewords are implemented. Nicknames like 'golden chicken nugget' are bandied about. Humous makes a guest appearance.

All in all, finding out how far a comedian can push an email scammer is a very worthy three minutes of your time:

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