This is what the inside of a Nexus 6 looks like

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Monday 24 November 2014 19:40
Science and Tech
For the avoidance of doubt, this is the *outside* of a Nexus 6

Google has recently launched the relatively giant Nexus 6 smartphone - all 5.7ins of it.

The team at iFixit, who so often take apart new pieces of technology and put them back together again, have now dismantled the "phablet" for our viewing pleasure.

After prying open the Nexus (and removing the "legion" of screws), the team found that it fell apart in two separate pieces - one with the battery and midframe and the other with the screen and motherboard.

The shiny copper coil is an inductive charging station and peeling that off reveals the phone's battery.

One problem the iFixit team noticed was that because the "digitiser is fused to the display", a cracked screen may be more costly to replace than in other devices.

However, overall they gave the Nexus 6 a "repairability" score of seven out of 10 and commended the device for the ease with which its other key components (cameras, buttons, headphone jack) could be replaced.

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