Two photos show how long Twitter took to track a Nazi

Alex Barrett
Tuesday 19 September 2017 09:45
Science and Tech

On Sunday, a twitter user posted an image of a man riding a bus in Seattle, wearing a Swastika armband.

According to the person who initially shared the image, the man allegedly harassed 'a black man on the bus'.

The picture was passed on to the group Antifa - a coalition of groups who are in favour of opposing fascism.

The man with the Nazi armband was later spotted on the corner of Seattle's Third Avenue and Union street, and Antifa intervened.

Within 90 minutes, well:

Graphic footage of the moment he was punched soon hit YouTube and Instagram.

The anti-fascist community is celebrating the punch, while right wing commentators and the alt-right have labelled the left violent.

Seattle Police Department have tweeted about the incident:

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