Ukraine's most searched for recipe on Google is quite something

Evan Bartlett@ev_bartlett
Wednesday 17 December 2014 10:20
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Protesters throw Molotov cocktails at police in Kiev, January 2014

It has been a bloody year for Ukraine. The Euromaidan revolution, which culminated in the resignation of president Viktor Yanukovych and his government, came after months of protests in the capital Kiev.

Subsequent crises in Crimea and Donbass have seen the country on the brink of splintering, with pro-Russian rebels and government forces battling in the east.

Perhaps as a direct result of this violent 12 months, data on Google's "A Year in Search" shows that the most searched for recipe in Ukraine was for "Molotov cocktail".

Ukraine's ten most searched for recipes on Google

1. Molotov cocktail recipe

2. Easter cake recipe

3. Glaze recipe

4. Homemade pizza recipe

5. "Embroidery" cake recipe

6. Cake lollipop recipe

7. Miso soup recipe

8. Pickled courgette recipe

9. Cheese casserole recipe

10. Canned cucumber recipe

The Molotov, usually a breakable glass bottle of flammable liquid with a rag that can be set alight attached, is historically an anti-Russian, or at least anti-Soviet, weapon.

First coined by the Finns, the incendiary weapon was named after Vyacheslav Molotov - the Soviet minister who formulated the plan to invade Finland in 1939 - just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

It has been used as an improvised weapon in urban guerilla warfare and protest movements throughout much of the 21st century.

On a side note, Ukraine rounds out its top 10 recipe searches with the somewhat less deadly, but no less frightening "cheese casserole" and "canned cucumber" recipes.

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