This is what the planets sound like

Mimi Launder
Wednesday 06 December 2017 15:15
Science and Tech
Picture:(iStock / vjanez)

'Sounds of the Planets' might strike you as the name an edgy band's latest album.

But they're also a real thing which you can listen to away from the hipster side of Spotify.

A Reddit user has shared audio of how each of our solar system's planets sound from space.

Can't see the video? Click here.

From the deep buzzing of the sun to the crackle of Earth, and the ghostly murmurings of Mars to the apparent war-zone on Saturn, it all sounds suitably terrifying and weird.

This eerie experience is not actually down to sound waves, but the radio waves planets emit when charged particles from the sun - aka solar winds - interact with their magnetic field.

As the strength of the magnetic field and solar wind changes, so do the radio waves produced.

You can learn more from Nasa and give further spooky space sounds a listen on Soundcloud:


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