Yvette Cooper and the Sun had an emoji battle on Twitter

Louis Dor
Wednesday 02 September 2015 17:00
Science and Tech

As you may or may not know, the voting for the Labour leadership campaign closed this afternoon, and the candidate’s social media teams were doing all they could in a last-minute push for support.

Yvette Cooper’s team took a decision to tweet entirely in emoji.

The Sun’s labour-bashing election mini-website, which bills itself as “politics without the boring bits”, saw the opportunity to mock and took it.

Yvette's team subsequently replied, and things escalated, quickly.

With regards to the last recycling tweet, we don't know if we should point out to the Yvette For Labour account that Sun Nation is a website.

The campaign ended at midday. Jeremy Corbyn became the unexpected frontrunner at the end of the campaign, and is most likely to win the leadership if the most recent polling is to be trusted.

The result will be announced on Saturday.

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