This optical illusion will reveal how confident you are
TikTok/Charlies Meriot

Optical illusions are always fun to look at and understand - particularly if there is a deeper meaning behind what we see at a first glance.

While the accuracy behind their meaning is often met with scepticism, it's undeniably intriguing to find out what it claims to reveal about our personalities or the way in which our minds work.

From YouTube to TikTok, the internet is flooded with different abstract images we try to figure out, and here is a round-up of five different optical illusions that claim to reveal certain personality traits.

What sort of brain do you have?

When you take a look at the image below, it is clearly an image of a human figure running - but the puzzling question is what direction is the figure running in?

Well, apparently your answer reveals what kind of brain you have...

If the figure is running towards you, then this means you possess solid analytical skills, according toFact Factories.

Once you develop a curiosity about something, you learn quickly and are able to focus all of your energy on the task at hand until you know how to approach it and so you aren't a fan of multitasking.

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Thanks to your analytical skills this also means you make convincing arguments due to having good focus and attention.

However, if you instead see the figure running away in the opposite direction this means you're creative.

You also don't like rushing the decision-making process but you are great at multitasking as well as havingexcellent intuition, memory, and strong senses.

Your deepest personality strengths

At first glance, the image below looks like it was pulled out of a children's book, but there are three different aspects within the picture and whichever you see first reveals your deepest personality strengths according to Your Tango.

Do you see a girl, a skull, or scenary at first glance?Your Tango

The little girl - a youthful perspective which enables you to overcome obstacles and remain resilient under pressure.

Skull - (Not as sinister as you may think) It represents intelligence and the power of your mind to have the capacity for deep thought.

The scenery - You have strong instincts which enable you to thrive in situations where others would panic, along with a strong gut feeling that guides you in the right direction (even when you're feeling lost or confused).

Illusion reveals if you're an introvert or extrovert

An illusion with black lines and with a yellow background which some people interpreted as a face with a wide-set jaw and long nose, and others see as a dark-haired woman sitting.

According to the YouTube channel, BRIGHT SIDE who posted the illusion says that what you see first reveals a key personality trait.

What do you see in this image?YouTube/Bright Side

Dark-haired woman - People who see a woman in the image are typically a "reserved and introverted person" and also have "sharp observational skills and an eye for detail"

Face with a wide-set jaw - Meanwhile, those who see a large face are extroverted and "tend to neglect detail and go for the big picture."


This particular illusion is supposed to tell if you are a shy person or whether you are more confident in yourself.

TikToker Charles Meriot (@charlesmeriot) put this question to viewers and gave an insight into what their answer means depending on if they saw a rooster or mouth first in the image.


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"If you saw the rooster first it means you’re quite shy and you only like attention when you’re in the right mood," he said.

“If you saw the mouth first, it means you’re confident, strong and independent, but you can be a little bit stubborn and aggressive when things don’t go the exact way you want them to.”

Insight into how you see the world

A series of optical illusions in a TikTok (@themoreyou) apparently reveal what it means when you see a particular image first - and it's a pretty interesting insight into how we perceive the world.

To begin with the first image, people either see a pair of lips initially or trees, people who are "pretty straightforward" and " take people for their word" tend to see the lips first while those who are "ambitious and always one step ahead of everyone else," first notice the trees.


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In the second image, the words "good" and "evil" are written on the screen, and the one that stands out to you reveals whether you're an optimist or a pessimist.

If you see "good" then you're an optimist and always see the good in people, on the other hand, if you see "evil" then "you might find it difficult to trust people, at least at first."

Other illusions in this video include an image of a lock/someone crying which reveals how you feel about your boundaries, an image of ancient columns/people are an insight into your confidence, and a picture of a door/musical note is how you embrace change and express yourself.

Have you learned more about yourself after looking at the meanings of what you see in these optical illusions?

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