What you see in this optical illusion will reveal your strength

An optical illusion could reveal how you act in a romantic relationship, depending on what you see first.

The illusion called “El Viejo Y El Rio” by Octavio Ocampo has four different images embedded - each giving you a sliver of how you could love and what’s blocking you from it.

What do you see spot first in the image below?

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Some people first notice the face of an older man, and others see a younger man on horseback wearing a sombrero. Many others initially see a young girl lying down by the river, while others spot an archway over the river.

According to Your Tango, each of these images determines your views on relationships and how you act in them.

If you noticed the older man first, it indicates that you don’t lose sight of the “big picture”

Generally, you are unlikely to be enamoured with grand gestures of romance. Instead, you prefer a partner (like yourself) who puts in their energy, time and effort, and hard work because real, loving relationships require it.

If you saw the man on horseback at first, it means you may be difficult to hold down

Even though it doesn’t necessarily indicate that you will be unfaithful with your romantic partners, it does shed light on the idea that you could be looking around for your dream person, regardless if they’re right before your eyes.

You may need to be “courted”, and without that attention from a partner, you might look in other directions.

If you at first glance say the young girl lying down by the river, it could mean you’re about to or have given up on finding a long-lasting love

While you might be looking to get into a romantic partnership, you are steadily becoming wary of it potentially not working out and giving up before the union can fully flourish.

If you were first drawn to the archway over the river, it might suggest that you live for an adventure more than stability

You might have a fear that relationships will tamper with your adventurous spirit. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find someone who likes to live a little on the wild side as you do.

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