Woman discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her thanks to a take-away delivery driver

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Discovering that someone is cheating on you is never a fun or pleasant, no matter the circumstances.

Often it is through sheer bad luck or information provided by a friend but rarely is it ever because of a fast food delivery driver.

Allow us to explain the bizarre but somehow reassuring story of Kayla Speer from West Burlington, Iowa.

In April, the 23-year-old was in a relationship with a man who lived three hours away from her.

The man in question was studying for his final exams and as a gesture of kindness she ordered him a Jimmy John's sandwich and had it delivered to his address.

The delivery went just as planned by Kayla definitely didn't expect the restaurant to phone her up afterwards to report what they had seen.

In a viral Twitter thread posted on Thursday she explained what happened:

In an interview with BuzzFeedKayla explained that the delivery driver felt very awkward about the situation.

He was like, 'Honestly, it was so awkward I just wanted to get out of there, so I just gave him the sandwich and left.

She then confirmed that she phoned her boyfriend up to confront him about the situation.

I was like, 'Jimmy John’s just told me the situation.

And he tried to make up a lie, saying, 'It wasn’t me,' but it was.

After the story began to get more eyes on it everyone began to compliment Jimmy John's on their outstanding customer service.

Eventually, Jimmy John's stepped in and confirmed that they are willing to throw her, get this, a breakup party!

John Shea, Jimmy John's Chief Marketing Officer told BuzzFeed:

We’re freaks about everything we do, from our products to our process. And customer service is no exception.

Kayla has confirmed that the party will happen but she hasn't said when it will take place.

In addition, she said that she hasn't spoken to the delivery driver since but thanked him for what he did for her.

Most people wouldn’t do what he did, and that’s awesome that he did.

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