Some refugees are trying to leave Europe 'because their treatment here is so bad'

A number of refugees are reportedly returning to their home countries after receiving poor treatment in Europe.

Asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo are among those disillusioned with life in Europe, according to a report in The Local.

The Austrian Interior Ministry's spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundböck has reportedly released data showing how the number of departing refugees has increased since January - with over 1,500 individuals opting to leave of their own volition.

A majority of the 1,100 are said to be made up of Kosovans who have less chance of obtaining asylum because the Balkans are not currently at war.

This trend has become more noticeable since mid-September.

These reports follow German interior minister Thomas de Maziere's accusations that Austria was intentionally moving asylum seekers to the border region – where there is no shelter available – in an attempt to force them out.

One Iraqi refugee said:

We’ve just been humiliated here. It was a mistake to come. People look at us here as if we were terrorists, and all we want is peace.

Dogs are treated better than refugees in Austria.

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