The Last Leg tried to give Jeremy Hunt his d**k of the year award

We flippin' love The Last Leg, and for good reason.

They made Nick Clegg throw a grapefruit at a shoe with a knife on it, for goodness' sake.

But that's not all.

Last year, they followed health secretary Jeremy Hunt around with a sousaphone, which was one of the most brilliant things to happen on television.

For 2015, the clear winner of their "Dick of the Year" award was Hunt, and for the last few weeks they've been trying to arrange to give him the award.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Hunt has been busy, it seems.

However, the show recieved a tip-off from a junior doctor as to Mr Hunt's whereabouts and on Friday's show, they revealed what happened when they dispatched a bugler to give the award.

Apparently, Mr Hunt wasn't best pleased to see them.

Never change The Last Leg, never change.

Watch the full video, below:

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