Trump supporter Nigel Farage says 'You lose an election... you accept it' in resurfaced footage

Trump supporter Nigel Farage says 'You lose an election... you accept it' in resurfaced footage

It has been more than a week since it was announced that Joe Biden was president-elect and Donald Trump had lost his re-election bid.

However, in the days since then Trump, his aides and his supporters have pushed an endless stream of baseless claims about the election and supposed voter fraud.

So far, they have been unable to provide any substantial evidence to back up their claims and have had numerous legal cases dismissed by judges.

Trump has not conceded power and is still yet to congratulate Biden on his victory and you only have to look through his Twitter feed for a few minutes to see post after post, censored or flagged for spouting misleading information.

As we said, he's not the only one making these claims. One of his biggest supporters, Nigel Farage, who even spoke at one of the president's campaign rallies prior to the election, has been parroting Trump's claims about mail-in voter fraud, even before the election was declared.

However, less than 12 months ago, Farage was campaigning for his Brexit Party, in the UK general election. In the lead up to that particular vote, Farage appeared on BBC Question Time and bemoaned the Conservative and Labour Parties for not accepting the result of the 2016 EU Referendum, which saw the UK vote to leave the European Union.

One very telling part of what Farage had to say on that episode now appears to be more relevant that ever, given what is happening in the United States. The former UKIP leader said:

You lose an election... you accept it... that's how democracy works.

This quote has recently resurfaced but will Trump and Farage follow the advice. We wouldn't bet on it.

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