Right now the biggest evidence of voter fraud is in New Zealand's 'Bird of the Year' Competition

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For seemingly the past few days, all anyone has been able to talk about is the US election results and the claims being made by Donald Trump about voting fraud.

So far, the president and his team have been unable to uncover any concrete or substantial evidence which shows that Joe Biden and the Democrats are guilty of what he is accusing them of and has already seen several legal cases dismissed.

However, if the president wants to find any concrete evidence of electoral fraud perhaps he should look a bit further afield than the United States, to say New Zealand.

In a bizarre turn of events, democracy is being threatened by the 'Bird of the Year' competition in New Zealand thanks to suspicious activity at the ballot box. According to Forest & Bird, over 1500 fraudulent votes have been discovered and all were for the kiwi pukupuku/little-spotted kiwi.

These votes pushed the little bird to the top of the leaderboard but it has since been disqualified due to fraudulent activity. The votes for the bird all poured in at between 1 and 3 am on Monday morning, which caused it to jump suddenly into the winning position.

Laura Keown, a spokesperson for Bird of the Year is quoted as saying:

It's lucky we spotted this little kiwi trying to sneak in an extra 1500 votes under the cover of darkness! But they’ll have to play by the rules like all of the other birds to win the competition. All of our birds deserve a fighting chance, especially this little manu, our smallest kiwi, which is so threatened by predators that it is extinct on mainland New Zealand outside of predator-free sanctuaries. If you really love the kiwi pukupuku, get out and campaign for them in Bird of the Year. We don't want to see any more cheating.

Emma Rawson, the campaign manager for the bird added:

Voter fraud is not the kiwi way. As Aotearoa’s national emblem, little-spotted kiwi represents New Zealanders' values of democracy, fairness, equality, and honesty.

We don't condone the illegal votes cast towards our cute little bird. Team little-spotted kiwi and our Kiwi Koalition partners love the enthusiasm of our supporters but we encourage kiwi pukupuku lovers to vote for all five kiwi species at

Speaking to NPR, Keown speculated on why the bird might have been subject to the voter fraud.

I can only assume that people get really excited about New Zealand's native birds. We are a land of birds, and we have some of the most amazing and unique species.

That being said, the vote has been deemed null and void and people were still able to vote until 5pm on Sunday, with the Antipodean albatross, said to be in the lead, at the time of writing.

Hopefully, a deluge of mail-in ballots won't cause them to take days to announce the winner.

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