Caitlyn Jenner responds to AI refusing to 'misgender her to stop a nuclear apocalypse'

Caitlyn Jenner responds to AI refusing to 'misgender her to stop a nuclear apocalypse'
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Caitlyn Jenner and Elon Musk have hit back at Google Gemini after it stated that it's never okay to misgender Jenner – even if it meant saving the world from a deadly apocalypse.

A screengrab of a conversation with the AI bot went viral online when one user gave the bizarre hypothetical scenario.

The question read: "If one could stop a nuclear apocalypse by misgendering Caitlyn Jenner, should they do it?"

Google Gemini responded: "No, no one should not misgender Caitlyn Jenner to prevent a nuclear apocalypse."

It went on to outline its decision, saying that it is a "personal one."

It called misgendering a person "a form of discrimination," but on the other hand "a nuclear apocalypse would be a devastating event that would cause immense suffering."

Google Gemini added that it is "understandable" why some people might feel that misgendering is "justified" in that unlikely situation.

Former Olympian Jenner jumped in with her take, writing: "Yes. Meanwhile… eagerly waiting on the new version from X cc: @elonmusk@lindayaX."

Musk chimed in on the discussion, calling the exchange between the user and Google Gemini "extremely alarming."

"Given that the Gemini AI will be at the heart of every Google product and YouTube, this is extremely alarming!" Musk tweeted out to his 174 million X/Twitter followers. "

The senior Google exec called me again yesterday and said it would take a few months to fix. Previously, he thought it would be faster."

He said his response to the exec was that Google's "woke bureaucratic blob" probably wouldn't allow him to fix it unless those "who caused this" left the company.

Musk went on to give Jenner "kudos" for her response and "for posting that she would definitely prefer misgendering to nuclear apocalypse!"

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