Caitlyn Jenner tried to swear at Joe Biden and it completely backfired

Caitlyn Jenner tried to swear at Joe Biden and it completely backfired
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Caitlyn Jenner tried to use a rude word to criticise President Joe Biden but it backfired immediately after a glaring spelling error.

The reality star is a well-known supporter of the controversial former president Donald Trump and said she would vote for him again in 2024 if he runs.

Now, in an online interaction with Trump’s son Donald Jr, the 74-year-old has come under fire for remarks made involving the use of the R-word slur.

In an X/Twitter post, Trump Jr shared an article about Biden’s administration and captioned it, “I know you’re not allowed to use the R word that was a big part of our vernacular growing up if you’re my age, but there has to be exceptions, right?”

But, it seems Jenner had no hesitation in using the controversial word and went to write it out in a reply. But, it was quickly pointed out that she spelt it wrong.

The reality star wrote: “I’ll say it RETARTED!”

The results were hilarious as people made the whole debacle into one big joke at Jenner’s expense.

“Girl you still ain’t say it,” one person pointed out.

Another joked it was reminiscent of “The Black Eyed Peas in 2003” after their song using the slur was changed to the clean version with the title, Let's Get It Started.

Although it originated as a medical term, the R-word slur is considered by The Special Olympics as a form of hate speech after becoming known as an insult towards people with mental impairments.

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