Donald Trump postponed his state visit to the UK and everyone is making the same joke

Getty Images / Pool

Donald Trump has postponed his controversial state visit to the UK.

Just days after his inauguration, Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump to the UK, a move which was criticised by some as premature and hailed by others as an attempt at diplomatic flattery.

But according to reports in the Guardian, Trump has told May that he doesn't want to visit anytime soon - for fear of large-scale protests against him.

In all likelihood the demonstrations would be made more prevalent by his appalling remarks about London Mayor Sadiq Khan following the London Bridge terrorist attacks - which forced even May to drop his hand and call him 'wrong'.

Trump's delay when faced with a little public outcry did not go unnoticed online.

Many suggested Trump was living up to the oversensitive PC millennials stereotype he loves to mock:

He reportedly told May in a phone call that he will not come until the British public supports him coming.

Twitter's reply was pretty uniform:

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