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Back in 2015, before the days of Donald Trump, Brexit, and DUP coalition talks, Theresa May was MP for Maidenhead and the Home Secretary.

Back then, the Police Federation weren't particularly pleased with May, who accused the them of "crying wolf" and "scaremongering" over police cuts.

During May's time as Home Secretary, there was a fall in the number of police officers by 13 per cent, a total of 18,991 officers.

The police might be feeling a sense of karmic justice, given that Theresa May lost 13 seats and her overall majority in the House of Commons.

The Twitter account for the website Police Community, tweeted quite the burn to the Prime Minister.

The tweet has now been retweeted over 54 thousand times.

Police Community is a network of policing forums, originally founded in 2014 by two serving Police Officers.

In 2016 it bought three other forums; Police Specials, UK Police Online and Police UK forming the largest policing discussion forum network in the UK. It serves as a place for police officers to discuss issues in the force.

UK Cop Humour, a parody police PR twitter account are now selling a mug with the phrase on.

And people love it.

They also had a great response to being accused of not showing impartiality.

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, Jeremy Corbyn said:

You cannot protect the public on the cheap the police and security services must get the resources they need not 20,000 police cuts.

Theresa May was warned by the Police Federation but she accused them of 'crying wolf'.

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