People still can’t get over what Drake’s $400,000 mattress is made from

People still can’t get over what Drake’s $400,000 mattress is made from
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A photo of Drake’s $400,000 mattress resurfaced this week—and people still can’t over the luxurious purchase.

The mattress went viral again after internet personality and commentator DJ Akademiks took to his Instagram to share a photo of the mattress with his 4.3 million followers.

Drake’s magnificent $100 million Toronto mansion was featured in an issue of Architectural Digest last year, which gave fans and admires a first look inside his “Embassy.”

As the music artist showed off some of the most stunning aspects of the home, including an Olympic size pool, an NBA-sized basketball court, and a studio lounge made of semi-precious stone brown agate, he also showed off his elegantly decorated room.

And it introduced people worldwide to one of the most expensive mattresses ever, that he happens to rest upon every day.

Why is the mattress so expensive?

Known as the Grand Vividus from Swedish brand Hästens, it’s made from horsehair and stingray skin, feels like sleeping on a cloud, and sells for more than $395,000. The bed was designed as a collaboration with luxury world-renowned luxury designer Ferris Rafauli.

It’s no wonder they call the mattress the “Birkin bag of beds.”

Weighing nearly half a ton, the bed took over 600 hours to create. According to HotNewHipHop, Drake explained that his mattress helps him to decompress from the world at the end of the night, and [it’s] where I open my eyes to seize the day.”

Check out what some people have to say about the mattress.

Some believe it compares to the cost of an expensive college education and proposing to be a part of Drake’s OVO crew.

In a conversation with Forbes, Linus Adolfsson, the owner of many Hastens stores around the United States, divulged how we could get our hands on a more affordable version of the bed from the brand.

“To me and many people in Scandinavia, buying a bed happens once in your life, and we have options for $10,000,” Adolfsson told Forbes.

“Instead of buying a bed for a couple thousand dollars every five years, why not get a high-quality Hästens that’s built to last only once. In the end, you save money in the long-term,” he continued.

Adolfsson also notes that the company has a Sleep Spa experience that allows people to experience the mattress before finalizing a purchase, but since the pandemic, locations are closed temporarily.

“We came up with this concept of walking into a dream where you can learn about sleep and finding the mattress that makes you feel weightless. There’s a lavender smell that we incorporated; we have sound beds and even artists coming in to perform every week,” he said to the outlet.

All in all, considering Drake said that he “only loves his bed and his momma” per his song “God’s Plan,” it makes complete sense that Drake would drop $400,000—which is the cost of homes in some cities— on the mattress he sleeps on every night.

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