It’s A-level results day in the UK and that means two things are guaranteed: millions of students across the nation will learn what the next few years hold in store for them and Jeremy Clarkson will tweet the same old message again.

Yes, for years now, the former Top Gear presenter has been tweeting more or less the same joke about how he failed at his own exams but ultimately ended up rich and famous and that no one should worry if they don’t get the results they wanted.

This year the 61-year-old wrote: “If the teachers didn’t give you the A level results you were hoping for, don’t worry. I got a C and 2Us and I’ve ended up happy, with loads of friends and a Bentley.”

He’s been posting the same gag/advice now every results day since 2014 and let’s just say the routine is starting to get a bit tiresome.

Predictably people have grown quite bored of this outdated bit from Clarkson, who you would have hoped could have come up with something new – after all, he does have a C and 2Us.

Shame there isn’t an A-level for commitment to bad jokes as were sure Clarkson would have gotten an A*.

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