Kanye West got a new haircut— and everyone thinks his daughter did it

Kanye West got a new haircut— and everyone thinks his daughter did it

After a judge recently gave Kanye West the green light to legally change his name to Ye, the rapper seemed to celebrate with a brand new haircut—and a lot of people suspect it’s so bad his 11-year-old daughter did it.

The rapper was photographed in a McDonald’s earlier this week with the shocking haircut, and social media didn’t miss a beat on sharing their thoughts about the new hairdo, with many wondering who was responsible for the look.

It is a reasonable question to ask - as the photos appear to show a patchwork rather than uniform pattern.

As West uploaded a perfect full view of the haircut to his Instagram account last night, fans took to social media, pondering on the meaning behind the new look and its origins.

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“My little artist North,” someone speculated on Twitter.

“How much did he pay for this?” another asked.

Fellow rapper Kid Trunks also commented on West’s Instagram post, poking fun at the new look by suggesting he’d been using hair growth products.

“Alright, I’m getting you Bosley for men on Christmas Day, don’t worry,” he wrote.

On the other hand, some people seemed to appreciate West’s new look, with one writing, “ I like ya cut Ye.”

Check out more reactions to the haircut below.

This new-era fade haircut comes after West was seen at airports on both sides of the Atlantic ocean wearing frightening rubber masks, potentially in the Halloween spirit.

Fans also questioned whether he’s been using the disguises to hide a new appearance during his travels across the world.

It’s not clear whether the haircut is for an upcoming musical project, and there’s no confirmation as to why West spent the past few days jumping from country to country in Europe.

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