Lara Trump says it's not racist to tell someone who doesn't like America to leave

Lara Trump says it's not racist to tell someone who doesn't like America to leave

Speaking onFox News, Lara Trump has said that telling people who don't like America to 'go back' isn't a racist thing to say.

Speaking on a segment aired on Friday, the news anchor said:

Is it racist, to say if you don't like this country, if you hate this country, if you don't love this country, go back?

In response, President Trump's daughter-in-law and campaign adviser Lara said:

I think if anybody doesn't love this country, it is not a racist thing to tell them to leave, whoever you are.

It's sad to see that we do have people out there, burning flags in our country, and kneeling for the national anthem. 

And, whatever way that you are showcasing your disdain for America, why are you here? 

And I think that's really the whole point, when you get down to, what the president meant by and this has turned into such a big deal now, but at the base of it, what he's saying is these people, say they don't love our country, they call it garbage, they're constantly attacking people that are trying to keep us safe. Why are you here? 

This isn't the first time that Eric Trump's wife has waded in on the president's 'racist' tweets. Speaking at a rally in North Carolina last night, before Trump took the stage, she said:

If you don’t love our country, the president said it: You can leave.

The comments were in response to Trump supporters chanting 'send her back' after he assailed Democratic congresswoman Ilhan Omar at a rally, who he suggested should leave the US.

The chant came after he recited a litany of complaints about Omar, who came to the United States as a refugee from war-torn Somalia in the nineties.

Since the chant caused uproar, the president has distanced himself from them, saying he was 'not happy' about the chants. At a White House press conference, he said:

I felt a little badly about it. 

I would say that I was not happy about it. I disagreed with it. 

He added:

But I didn't say that - they did. And I disagreed.

He also claimed that he had tried to put a stop to the chants by starting to speak again "very quickly", however, footage shows him waiting at least 13 seconds before he begins to speak again.

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