A bus driver in the US state of Utah who has been accused of racism has claimed that he cannot be racist because his 'dog is black'.

In a civil rights lawsuit, the mother of a 14-year-old mixed race boy has claimed that the bus driver in West Point targeted her son after dragging him for several feet after his backpack got caught in the bus doors.

The boy's mother, Brenda Mayes, claimed that the bus driver deliberately targetted the boy because of the colour of his skin and that the driver is a racist.

She told KSTU:

I was glad he didn't kill him. I was glad he didn't go under the wheels.

However, the driver has claimed that the incident was an accident as he couldn't see what had happened to the boy and would have stopped if he could.

He also disputed the claims of the alleged racism because of the colour of his dog's fur.

Not at all. Look at my dog. He's as black as can be.

He added:

I didn't see him in there. If I would have, I would have stopped.

According to CNN, the lawsuit against 78-year-old John Naisbitt, alleges that he has a history of abusing biracial students

The school's district terminated the driver over the dispute but Naisbitt has since confirmed that he has retired from the role.

A spokesperson for the Davis school district told CNN:

When issues of discrimination are raised at any time, they are investigated thoroughly. 

The Davis School District takes any claims of racial discrimination seriously and does not tolerate any form of racial discrimination in our schools.


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