Stephen Colbert just gave sprinting senator Josh Hawley a brutal new nickname

Stephen Colbert just gave sprinting senator Josh Hawley a brutal new nickname
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Late Show host Stephen Colbert has given Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) a new nickname 'Fascist Gump' - which combines Hawley's right-wing views with his running.

Monday night's monologue from Colbert, 58, featured zings at Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and Hawley all for their involvement in January 6th hearings.

Colbert specifically showed a video of Hawley, 42, telling young conservatives at the Turning Point USA conference that he does 'not regret' rejecting election results in Pennsylvania after the 2020 election.

"At the right-wing Turning Point USA summit we heard from Missouri Senator and star of the new film Fascist Gump, Josh Hawley", Colbert said.

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At the conference Hawley told liberals "I'm not going to apologize, l'm not going to cower, I'm not going to run from you".

Shortly after showing the clip from the conference, Colbert returned by showing a photo of Hawley running away from the mob on January 6th in the Capitol.

"Yeah, he is never going to run from his enemies in fact here he is on January 6th bravely moonwalking into danger," Colbert said showing the video of Hawley running in reverse.

The video of Hawley running has gone viral over the last week with people making fun of the Missouri Senator for contradicting his statements about the Capitol rioters.

Last week during the January 6th hearing, the House Select Committee showed the security footage of Hawley running despite the Senator raising money and advocating for overturning the election.

Upon seeing the video, people mocked Hawley for running away from the crowd of people he claims to agree with.

Fans of the movie Forrest Gump know well that a part of the film focuses on Forrest's run across the US which he receives national media attention for.

Hawley has found himself at the center of several media frenzies recently. Earlier in June, the Missouri Senator got backlash for making transphobic comments about people who can get pregnant.

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