Josh Hawley got owned after saying men can't get pregnant

Josh Hawley got owned after saying men can't get pregnant
Law professor rebukes Josh Hawley's 'transphobic' questions on abortion care

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) just got owned after saying men can't get pregnant during questions about abortion care.

On Tuesday (12 July), Hawley took to his official Twitter to share a clip of the debate he had with Khiara M. Bridges, a law professor at UC Berkeley School of Law, pertaining to her sentiments about "people with a capacity for pregnancy."

"You've used a phrase ... I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it. You've referred to people with a capacity for pregnancy. Would that be women? Hawley asked.

Bridges responded: "Many cis women have the capacity for pregnancy. Many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy. There are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy."

She added: "We can recognise that this impacts women while also recognising that it impacts other groups. Those things are not mutually exclusive, Senator Hawley."

"So your view is that the core of this right then is about what?" Hawley asked.

This prompted Bridges to note that Hawley's questions were "transphobic" and can perpetuate violence against trans people because the questioning doesn't recognise them.

"Wow, you're saying that I'm opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women are the folks who can have pregnancies," Hawley responded.

Bridges then laid out the important statistics on the matter, such as "one out of five transgender persons have attempted suicide," which was interrupted by Hawley asking why they can't "talk about the matter" due to his line of question.

"Denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist," Bridges said, which caused a bit of back and forth between her and Hawley.

"I'm denying that trans people exist?" Hawley asked as Bridges repeated the phrase, "Are you?"

She continued: "Do you believe that men can get pregnant?

"No, I don't think men can get pregnant, "Hawley said.

"So you are denying that trans people exist," Bridges said.

Towards the end of the clip, Hawley asked Bridges if the way the conversation went is how she "runs her classroom" and if the students are allowed to question her without being told that they are "opening up people to violence."

"We have a good time in my class; you should join," Bridges said.

She added: "You might learn a lot."

People took the comments section of the post to express how Hawley took a hard loss in this debate with Bridges.

One wrote: "Why are you publicly posting your L's now[?]She just looks cool as hell."

"Haha, He just got dunked on, hard! Prof. Khiara Bridges for the win!!" another added.

A third simply wrote: "Sir, she literally laughed at you."

Check out other reactions below.

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