The reason Jeb Bush only has one wedding photo

Jeb Bush, son of George HW and brother of George W, celebrated his 41st wedding anniversary on Monday.

Posting the above photo on his Twitter and Facebook pages, the man tipped as a future president of the United States revealed that it is the only photo he and his wife Columba have of their wedding day - because their photographer, his younger brother Marvin, had accidentally re-rolled film previously used at a Frank Zappa concert.

As Time magazine reports, Marvin wrote a letter to his sister recalling the incident:

As the paper settled into the chemicals in the tray, I began to see the image of a guitar over a picture of my grandmother and my parents. Uh-oh! lt hit me like a ton of bricks. I had rerolled previously used film that had been taken at a Frank Zappa concert at the Mosque in Richmond, Virginia.

Every single photo of the Bush and Gamica families had either a photo of Frank Zappa and/or members of his band, The Mothers of Invention, superimposed onto their own images. I remember thinking to myself that a Frank Sinatra photo may have been acceptable - not Frank Zappa!

Fortunately, their mother Barbara had taken the other one on her Kodak.

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