These top tips will help you get a great night's sleep

These top tips will help you get a great night's sleep
Would you pay $800 a month for a sleeping pod?

We all know how important sleep is.

Without it we can be ratty, unable to get the best out of our days and it is not great for our physical or mental health.

So how can we ensure we are always catching the most and best zzzs?

The Metro interviewed people who have struggled in the past with good sleep and found out what hacks have made things better for them.

One called Sarah recommended "rescue remedy night spray and Matthew McConaughey’s sleep story onCalm", calling it "a game-changing combination".

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"Literally, I have never managed to hear the ending – no matter how difficult I found it to sleep before switching it on," she said.

"His voice is so calming and the story is so lovely – and the rescue remedy spray is the only thing that stops my mind going wild with thoughts when I’m trying to switch off."‘

Meanwhile, another called Ashley swore by "a weighted blanket and blackout eye mask".

And Natalie gave up cut down on caffeine to get better naps. "I wouldn’t say I have perfect sleep now but just as my caffeine intake has decreased, so has my Nytol consumption," she explained.

Sounds good to us.

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