picture: Jeff Mitchell/getty/Sir John Chilcot
picture: Jeff Mitchell/getty/Sir John Chilcot

The Chilcot report is a mammoth document, and contains some 2.6 million words.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a lot of reading.

And as journalists huddle in a secret room clutching copies of the report released early at 8 o'clock this morning, one must wonder how much they can read in the three hours before general release.

The average reading rate of a person is reportedly 300 words a minute, which amounts to approximately 18,000 words an hour.

Let's assume you're all working people with semi-functioning social lives. If you read an hour of the report a day, it'll take you over five months to complete it.

With that in mind, here are a number of other things you can do quicker than reading the report:

1. Read the entire Game of Thrones trilogy, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Fifty Shades of Grey (2 months)

2. Walk to Germany (under seven days)

3. Serve Brock Turner's prison sentence (under three months)

4. Go on a round the world cruise (one month)

5. Shoot a full length movie (approximately two months)

6. Complete all the seasons of Marvel's Dare Devil, Jessica Jones and Agent Carter (less than two months)

7. Become fluent in a language (around 50 days)

8. Travel to Mars (with speed, 150-200 days)

9. Build another Eiffel Tower (two months, five days)

10. Conduct a referendum and quit your job (two days)

Follow the Independent's live blog on the Chilcot report, due for release at 11.35am, here.

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