Adele just perfectly shut down rumours that she's dating Skepta with just one word

People love to speculate on Adele’s love life.

Like Taylor Swift, the singer’s output of love songs mean people are perpetually fascinated by the potential stories and people that inspire them.

Unfortunately, this means Adele is constantly subject to endless rumours about who she’s dating, especially since her split with husband Simon Konecki was confirmed last year.

And the latest recurrent whisper about Adele’s romantic life involved another famous Brit: rapper Skepta.

Yesterday US outletPeople reported that the musical pair were swapping more that melody tips.

A “source” apparently told the magazine that “things have been heating up,” and the duo “run in the same circles in London, and she's having fun”.

Given that these are two of the UK’s most beloved exports, the news caused ripples on social media.

There were hopes for a collab.

Unfortunately those are going to be dashed because Adele just shut down the rumours of her romantic entanglement with one precisely placed word.

In an Instagram post yesterday, she thanked the Saturday Night Live crew and writing team after her recent appearance on the show.

But one line in particular sent a not-so-subtle message to those spreading dating gossip.

I’m going back to my cave now to be the (single) cat lady that I am!” wrote the star.

“Peace out til next year”.

There you have it; Adele is not sharing her cave with anyone.

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