Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t been a congresswoman for long, but she is not afraid to make waves in Washington.

The young Democratic congresswoman participated in the questioning of Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who explosively told Congress that Trump is a “liar” and a “cheat”.

In under five minutes, AOC questioned Cohen regarding a number of issues. The riveting exchange began with the Bronx representative questioning Cohen on a “treasure trove” of documents containing information on people who have information against the president.

Next she asked if the president has ever provide inflated assets to an insurance company, to which he responded:


AOC then asked Cohen to confirm a Washington Post report which suggested that Trump made "millions of dollars" from a Bronx golf course that was largely funded by the public. When AOC suggested that Trump has devalued the golf course for tax purposes, Cohen suggested that this was “identical” to a tactic he had used for a project in Florida.

Next AOC questioned Cohen on reports that Trump undervalued his parents' real estate holdings and other inheritance, though Cohen could not confirm the accuracy of such reports.

Twitter users praised Ocasio-Cortez for opening up this line of questioning.

Meanwhile, Trump says that Cohen was lying throughout his testimony. Though, as this clip indicates, perhaps he's not the one Trump should be worried about?

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