Can you successfully identify a vagina? Half of young women can't

Thursday 01 September 2016 10:00

To coincide with Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month, women's cancer research charity the Eve Appeal has published research showing nearly half of women cannot correctly label the female anatomy on a medical diagram.

The charity's previous research showed one in five women aged 16-25 couldn't name a symptom of gynaecological cancers, while 65 per cent of young women had a problem with even saying the words "vagina" or "vulva".**

Gynaecological cancers have some of the worst outcomes for women, with a mortality rate of 40 per cent.

"We’re imploring women to understand and be aware of what to listen out for. They need to know what’s normal for them. They need to be able to talk openly about periods, irregular bleeding and any changes that they notice to their bodies," said Athena Lamnisos, CEO of The Eve Appeal.

You can read more on the Eve Appeal website.

So, with all that in mind, we present this quiz. The women polled were presented with the following diagrams and asked to label them - our quiz is a lot easier because it has to be multiple choice.

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