Panicked crowds cram into Wuhan hospital amid coronavirus outbreak

Louis Staples
Friday 24 January 2020 12:00

The Wuhan coronavirus is sending shockwaves across the world, as cases are being suspected in countries including the US and the UK.

The virus, which leads to pneumonia and has potentially lethal consequences, originated from fish and meat in Wuhan, China, but is now spreading from person to person.

Flights are being stopped across China to try and limit the spread of the virus.

Now, distressing footage has emerged from a packed hospital in Wuhan. Huge crowds can be seen queueing, presumably seeking treatment, testing or more information.

The World Health Organisation has stopped short of calling the outbreak a global health emergency. But as cases continue to appear in countries across the world, tensions are high.

The British government has called a meeting of disaster response group COBRA after the first UK patients were treated with suspected cases of the virus.

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