The world has changed beyond all recognition almost overnight. We are living through unprecedented times and things that we once took for granted suddenly seem like luxuries we can only dream of.

A tragic side effect of all this is what it’s done to families. Gatherings are out of the question, weddings are being cancelled and newborn babies are unable to meet their grandparents. At least it seemed that way until the emergence of a powerful photograph on Twitter.

The sister of Míchéal Gallachoir, a new father from Ireland, tweeted a picture in which a newborn meets his grandfather for the first time from the safe distance of the other side of a window.

Emma went on to add that, “The good news is baby Faolán is doing great and oblivious to his new fame” before explaining that the child’s mother took the snap. She concluded on a hopeful note:

My dad is also doing well and is completely oblivious to his new fame. He wouldn’t let me take a pic of him but he’s smiling! My brother lives about 2 minutes away from him so he went up to say hello. He knew he couldn’t come in. He is looking forward to holding the baby soon.

This family, like everyone else, cannot wait for the day this all becomes a distant memory.

But it's good to see that they're taking coronavirus seriously and following the rules, no matter the sacrifices that must be made.

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