People are sharing the things that they disliked about themselves as teenagers but now love

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Everyone knows that the teenage years are some of life's most difficult. Whether it's coming to terms with your sexuality, dealing with starting periods, or even becoming familiar with that tube of Clearasil, let's be honest it's a pretty awkward and embarrassing time.

It's also a time of self acceptance and self exploration. And often, the very things that we hated about ourselves are, in hindsight, the very things that make us unique, special, and original.

Now, people have been taking to Twitter to share the things that they used to hate about themselves, and why they now really love them.

Taking to the social media site, @iSmashFizzle, aka writer Ashley Ford, asked:

What's something you hated about yourself as a kid or teenager that you now consider a strength?

People shared some amazing responses.

Eyebrow situations.

Less privileged backgrounds.

Eczema issues.


Being sensitive.

Having a 'loud laugh'.

Or being 'too tall'.

Or having an 'extensive nose'.

Being fastidious about name pronunciation.

Skin tone.


This thread is giving us all the feels.

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