12 pieces of advice every teenager should read

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Turning 20 and leaving behind your teens can be a stressful transition for everyone involved - not just the teen going through it.

TEDx speaker and stand up comic William Beteet has shared a few pearls of wisdom for all teens out there headed into their 20s.

1. Ask for Life Changing Opportunities Everyday - If you make it your goal to ask for a life changing opportunity everyday for you entire twenties, you will be years ahead of where you should be by age thirty.

2 .Get Amazing at Something - Whether it’s coding, graphic design, writing, etc. Spend everyday getting really good at something. This will give you a highly valuable skill by the end of your twenties which will give you a lot of career capital making negotiating with your boss a lot easier.

3 .Get Rid of Your TV - I got rid of my TV three years ago because I didn’t want to spend my twenties watching other people live.

4. Listen to Audiobooks While You Walk - Turn your daily commute into a classroom.

5. Stay Single - Date around, have flings, have relationships, but retain your freedom, you want to be able to make the best decisions for you in your twenties.

6. Learn Sales and Build a Network - By building a powerful network you will know people who can help/teach you how to get where you want to go. Learning sales will help you frame things in a way that will get people to buy into your vision.

7. Understand the Compound Effect - The cost of an average cup of coffee from Starbucks is $2.45 if you order that everyday for a year you would have spent $894.25, a round trip ticket from Chicago to Copenhagen cost $506. Understand that the unconscious decisions you make everyday are keeping you from living the life you dream of living.

8. Find/Create a Tribe of People who Have Similar Aspirations - A community of likeminded people will accelerate your growth and help keep you focused on achieving your goals.

9. Build an Online Following - Whether it’s a blog, podcast, Quora, Twitter, find some place to offer a large group of people value. You never know what kind of opportunities could become available from having a large social media following.

10. Keep Raising Your Standards - People’s lives stagnate because they stop raising the standard they hold themselves to.

11. Work Out, Dress Stylish, Eat Well - Being good looking is a social passport that can get you access to life changing opportunities.

12. Go on an Adventure - Make sure at least once in your twenties you go for a trip that’s long and rough, instead of hotels stay in hostels and sleep on couches. The more difficult the journey the more it will change you.

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