Domino’s delivery driver fired after complaining about not receiving a tip

In the food and hospitality industry, tipping your servers is a big deal.

That’s because many workers get the bulk of their wages from tips.

No, it’s not ideal but until large corporations are forced to pay all workers a living wage, it’s all that’s filling the gap.

For delivery drivers, who are often asked to cover their fuel costs themselves, tips make the difference between losing money while working and actually having an income.

Which is why part of the reason a video of a Domino’s delivery driver becoming furious after not receiving a tip went viral recently.

As reported by TMZ, the video shows the driver delivering a sandwich to two teens.

When he’s handed the signed receipt by one teen, the driver says, sarcastically, “Thanks for the tip”.

The teen shrugs and turns around, at which point the driver calls him a “douchebag” and says “F**k you bro”.

“What?” the teen replies, laughing and gesturing at his sister. “I didn’t even order it, it’s for her”.

This prompts the driver to say:

Then f**k her. Well, tell her I don’t make f**king money if I don’t get tipped.

I just brought you your [order] with my gas.

The teen continues to protest that he didn’t order the pizza as the driver then leaves.

The footage was captured on a Ring doorbell.

TMZlater interviewed the father of the teenagers who said it was all a misunderstanding.

According to him, his 13-year-old daughter placed the order using his credit card but left the tip section blank, believing that the delivery charge was the tip amount.

The dad says he’s reiterated to his kids how important it is to tip key workers, especially during a pandemic.

However, the father still complained to Domino’s about the delivery driver’s conduct, given all the swearing.

The family received an apology from the Domino’s franchise owner, along with three Domino’s gift cards totalling $500.

In contrast, the driver was fired from his job.

In a pandemic.

The story received mixed opinions on social media.

Some thought the delivery driver had crossed the line.

Others said that Domino's was failing its key workers.

“I am a small franchise that is locally owned and operated,” the franchise owner told TMZabout the incident.

“We always strive to do what is right”.

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