Donald Trump is losing support from the voters he will need in 2020

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The very voters who President Donald Trump will need for re-election in 2020 are losing patience with him.

It is widely reported that the President has one of the worst ratings of any holder of the Oval Office in recent history, nine months into his first term.

President Trump started with high disapprovals, and these have stayed high.

Given that the President lost the popular vote, these population wide numbers are evidently likely to include the 48.2 per cent of people who voted for Hillary Clinton.

More crucial for the President's chances of re-election is the fact that he is losing support among the groups that did vote for him: Non-college-educated whites, and 'Independent' voters.

According to the Pew Research Centre, in 2016 Donald Trump won a near historic two-thirds of non-college-educated whites, taking 67 per cent of that group.

Among Independent voters, 48 per cent opted for Trump (42 per cent for Clinton), according to the Roper Center.

A new poll by CNNhas shown his numbers drop among these groups since that date, and drop again since his 100th day in office.

You can also click here for the chart.

If these groups abandon the President, getting to 270 is going to be difficult for the President, should he choose to run in 2020.

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