The Pope may have 'fat shamed' Donald Trump

The Pope may have 'fat shamed' Donald Trump

On Wednesday President Donald Trump paid a visit to Pope Francis, at Vatican City.

Speaking to First Lady Melania, his Holiness gestured towards the President and asked:

What did you give him to eat? Potica?

Potica is a kind of sweet, native to Melania's home country of Slovenia.

After a sheepish translator delivered the joke to Melania in English, she laughed and said.

Yes! Potica.

According to CBS the First Lady initially thought he was asking about pizza.

Picture:Slovenska Potica is a nut roll made using sweet yeast dough, and smeared with crush nuts, before being rolled into a log shape. The cuisine is common in Central European countries but only known as 'Potica' in Slovenia. (Picture: iStock/Getty Images)

This exchange and the other public interactions between Pope and President gave the appearance, at least, of a cordial relationship.

In 2016 Pope Francis said that then candidate Trump's policy for a border wall with Mexico was 'not Christian'. At the time Trump responded by calling Francis' questioning of his faith 'disgraceful'.

Trump chuckled along at the food joke, and commentators on Twitter seemed to take it lightly as well.

Trump previously described the BBC's John Sopel sarcastically as 'Another beauty', during a hostile press conference in February.

Others enjoyed the fact that President Trump, who reportedly referred to a former Miss Universe as 'Missy Piggy' before, was fat shamed himself.

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