As a part of the Brownies' 100th birthday, more than 6,000 of their seven to ten-year-old members were polled on what skills and qualities truly merit brownie points in the 21st century.

Here's what they came up with...

  1. Be a good friend - carry out at an act of kindness every day.
  2. Do something that scares you.
  3. Learn new survival skills.
  4. Fight injustice and raise awareness of issues facing women around the world.
  5. Think green for a week - ban plastic bags or have a meat-free day.
  6. Explore places you have never been to before.
  7. Raise awareness of animal causes.
  8. Pledge time towards fundraising or volunteering.
  9. Improve first aid skills.
  10. Inspire others with setting yourself new challenges.
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