Firefighters help two raccoons escape a fire

Marianne Eloise@marianne_eloise
Friday 09 August 2019 12:00
Picture:(Paul Bierwagen/Screengrab)

They say you should leave everything behind in a fire, but luckily, that doesn’t seem to extend to raccoons.

According to a Facebook video posted by Paul Bierwagen, firefighters in South Bend, Indiana set up two ladders to help a pair of raccoons to escape from a fire. The furry pals were trapped on a roof after a warehouse fire broke out on Sunday, and the two ladders propped up by firefighters luckily aided in their rescue.

After a brief misunderstanding in which one raccoon attempts to scale the building, the brave raccoons figured out just what to do, and video footage shows them scurrying down the ladders to safety.

The Facebook post by The South Bend Police Department said: “Some people would ask, 'Why save the raccoons?' Life safety and property conservation are two priorities on a fire scene.”

The Fire Department also thanked the firefighters for taking the time to let the little lads escape.

Even Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who just happens to be the mayor of South Bend was impressed.

No! Raccoon! Left! Behind!

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