A bunch of furries just heroically saved a woman whose boyfriend was attacking her

Moya Lothian-McLean@moya_lm
Thursday 23 January 2020 15:45

Trigger warning: mentions of assault, audio clips containing screaming

Before we get into this, just need to check: does everyone know what a furry is? Please don’t make me explain. If you really don’t know, check out this explainer.

Done? Good. Now, picture this: you're minding your business, walking down the street, when suddenly you spot a group of six humans garbed in animal costumes, banding together to stop a man assaulting his girlfriend.

Furries? Nay. HEROES.

That’s exactly what happened this week in California when a group of anthropomorphic animal enthusiasts (yes, sometimes it involves sex stuff) attending a furry convention helped rescue a woman being attacked by her boyfriend.

DJ Robbie Ryans (also a member of the furry community) was playing at the event when he became involved in the incident, intervening to help the woman, before filming his fellow furries’ vigilante efforts.

He told CNN he was taking a smoke break when a blue car pulled up beside the pavement.

"We heard a woman's screams coming from inside and saw the passenger throwing full fists at whoever was driving," Ryans said.

"We got up and ran towards the car, my friend pulled open the door and we both held onto the attacker. The girl driver was yelling for him to get out, as he started trying to fight us off."

Then four other furries emerged from the convention and entered the fray, pulling the man out of the car and restraining him until police arrived, scenes that Ryans captured on camera and uploaded to Twitter.

Police ended up arresting the suspect – 22-year-old Demetri Hardnett – on charges of domestic violence, although there was no word on the wellbeing of his girlfriend.

Still – people are very impressed with the furries’ quick reactions. One Twitter user even called them “San Jose superheroes” (catchy).

Well they are literally anonymous costumed individuals who go around saving people, so they couldn’t fit the definition of ‘superhero’ any better.

I guess we… stan furries now…? 2020!

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