GB News commentator claims Jesus would support the Rwanda plan in bizarre ...
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A bizarre GB News conversation had left Twitter users scratching their heads when a commentator said Jesus Christ would support the Rwanda deportation plan.

On Tuesday (14 June), the first plane scheduled to take migrants to Rwanda was abandoned when an out-of-hours judge considered the appeal and the UK decision was overruled. The decision goes against Boris Johnson and his home secretary, Priti Patel, who promised to send thousands of asylum seekers 4,000 miles to the east African country in May.

Now, Anglican and TV presenter Calvin Robinson said Jesus would "absolutely" support the Rwanda initiative.

When asked by Rebecca Reid, Robinson responded: "Yes, absolutely – you know why, people are crossing the channel illegally and dangerously with people smugglers and potentially at risk of death when there's no need for that at all."

He added: "What we can do, is process their asylum claims in a safe country where they'll be welcomed."

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Confused Twitter users turned to the platform, with one urging to "just put some normal stuff on normal TV."

Some agreed with Robinson's remarks, with one saying: "Not the first time I've agreed with @calvinrobinson and there is much we disagree about. But he is right. What a loss he is to the Church of England. I am sure he will still serve the nation in @gafconference@GafconGBE. It really all has made me think of my position in the CofE."

Another applauded the host, penning: "Keep at it Calvin, and God bless as always."

Robinson recently opened up about being "cancelled" by the Church of England and sacking him as a trainee priest.

"I once hoped to help reform from within, but I now see that as naïve and futile as the Remain argument during the EU referendum," he penned in his GB News article.

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