Greta Thunberg has said Donald Trump ‘obviously doesn’t listen to science’ on climate change.

The climate activist recently arrived in New York City after sailing across the Atlantic Ocean ahead of next month’s UN Climate Action Summit.

Thunberg, who set sail from the UK two weeks ago, doesn’t travel by plane to reduce her carbon emissions.

At her arrival in New York, Thunberg was asked if she would like to meet with Trump while she is in the US.

She replied:

It’s strange everyone always asks me about Donald Trump.

My message for him is just listen to the science, and he obviously doesn't do that.

As I always say to this question, if no-one has been able to convince him about the climate crisis, the urgency, then why should I be able to do that.

You can watch some clips from her arrival below:

Trump has repeatedly dismissed climate change and showed a poor understanding of the science behind extreme weather.

The president has claimed wind turbines don’t work when it’s not windy, claimed without evidence that global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese, and downplayed climate change as merely “a change in weather”.

Since becoming the most prominent figure in the current youth climate activist movement, Thunberg has been repeatedly attacked by conservative and far-right commentators.

Earliest this month, Australian commentator Andrew Bolt was criticised for describing Thunberg, who has autism, as “deeply disturbed” and “strange”.

She responded by accusing Bolt and other commentators of launching “hate and conspiracy campaigns” against young climate activists.

The UN Climate Action Summit is scheduled to take place on 23 September in New York City.

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