Dating advice: we receive it from our friends or close family members and sometimes even the internet.

The latest online words of wisdom come in the form of the “He’s not your man” meme, which has been making its rounds on Twitter since it first appeared on 22 November.

The meme lists all the “red flags” to look out for when you meet a man, before telling you who your man really is – usually in the form of a well-known persona, animal, or even a historical figure.

Don’t get it? Have a look for yourself, and be inspired (and maybe even learn a thing or two) by some of the internet’s best tips on who to stay away from.

For those history nerds.

For the animal lovers.

For the movie buffs.

For the foodies out there.

For those who are good at languages.

And finally, for those who just want a good chuckle (and some truth).

So, if you promised yourself that in the next year you are not going to waste your time making bad decisions in your love life, take heed and maybe even learn some extra trivia.

HT The Daily Dot

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